Kim Cattrall Speaks Out About Samantha’s Storyline In ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot

The TV series “Sex and the City” centered around the lives of four friends, Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis, and Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall. After six seasons of the series and two movies, there was talk about a reboot of the show.

The reboot happened, but one of the actresses was noticeably missing from the show. The reboot, which is called “And Just Like That” explains away the character of Samantha by saying she lives in London now and had a falling out with Carrie after Carrie decided that she no longer wanted Samantha to be her publicist.

Samantha is not completely absent from the show. She shows up in notes and texts, for example, but she is not there the way she was previously. The real reason the writers found a way to reboot the original series without Samantha’s physical presence is that the show was never designed with Cattrall in mind.

After filming the second movie, Cattrall decided that she was done playing the character Samantha. She didn’t want to do another “Sex and the City” movie, and she definitely didn’t want to do another series reprising the same character. She had moved on.

The show went on without her, but she is still very aware that the show exists, and she has heard how the writers decided to explain why the character of Samantha wasn’t part of the show the way she used to be.

Watch the video below to hear Cattrall’s thoughts about the way Samantha is portrayed in the series “And Just Like That.”

Cattrall is currently happy with her roles on the shows “How I Met Your Father” and “Queer as Folk,” but someday she hopes to have her own sitcom.

Does it surprise you that Cattrall was never even asked to be a part of “And Just Like That”? Do you think the writers did a good job with Samantha’s character in the reboot?