23 Kids Who Absolutely ‘Ruled’ Halloween With Their Costumes

etymologynerd & dev0urer via Reddit

Halloween is one of the spookiest, yet best holidays—especially for a kid! You get to dress up as anything you want, and then collect tons of candy to eat throughout the month! What could be better?

Truly, the best part of Halloween is to see how creative the kids (or the parents in charge) can get with their costumes. While some prefer dressing kids as a pumpkin or ghost, other take it to the next level with something a bit more original.

In honor of the holiday coming up—and the fact that Dr. Fauci says trick-or-treating is on this year (hooray!)—check out these kids who absolutely nailed it with their Halloween costumes.

  1. This COVID-19 Germ

  2. This Brilliant Cousin It

  3. These Twin Slinky Dogs

  4. This KFC Fan

  5. This Angel

  6. This Sandy Cheeks

  7. These Jimmy Dugan Fans

    “There is no crying in baseball! “

  8. This Artiste

  9. This Old Soul

  10. This Preemie Yoda

  11. This Mini Miguel and Mama Coco

  12. This Perfect Pet Detective

  13. This Fan of “The Office”

  14. This On-Point Maleficent

  15. This Pokemon Duo

  16. This Matilda/Trunchbull Pair


  17. This Lazy Link

    My son’s Link costume

  18. This Eerie Pennywise

  19. This Rad Ruler

  20. These Back to the Future Enthusiasts

    My kids were Doc & Marty from BTTF

  21. This Practical Jellyfish

  22. This Tiny Freddy Mercury

  23. And This Kid Who Just Wanted to Be a Pair of Pants

How adorable are some of these costumes? What is your little one dressing up as this year?