Here Are 9 Warning Signs Of Kidney Disease That Deserve Your Attention

Let’s be honest; we’ve all felt an occasional ache or bodily pain, looked up the symptoms online, and quickly determined after some superficial Googling that we only had a week or two to live.

Yep, we’ve all falsely diagnosed ourselves at one point or another, only to find out later that what we were experiencing was probably just gas.

That being said, sometimes symptoms—no matter how trite they may seem—can actually be warning signs of something much more serious. Today were are going to take a close look at what types of issues chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients endure.

If you are experiencing one or more of these 9 symptoms, be sure to give your doctor a call. Only they will be able to determine whether or not your discomfort is a case for a nephrologist.

  1. Your skin is dry and itchy

    Dry, itchy, even cracking and bleeding skin is an unfortunate reality for many CKD patients. Because the kidneys are not functioning properly, persons afflicted with the disease are in a constant state of dehydration, something that we all know can wreak havoc on the epidermis and its oil-producing glands.

  2. Your appetite is low

    When someone is suffering from chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, the body is essentially failing to get rid of harmful waste. This shortfall can end up making patients feel full when they’re not, which can lead to malnutrition and, in the severest cases, eating disorders.

  3. Your feet and ankles are swollen

    One of the basic building blocks of healthy kidney function is strong blood flow, something that becomes disrupted when the kidneys begin to fail. Because of this, CKD patients sometimes experience swelling in the feet and ankles—two areas in which bad circulation usually rears its ugly head first.

  4. You’re cramping up

    Many CKD patients complain of painful body cramps usually centered in their lower extremities, which are oftentimes so painful, they can be disturbed from a deep sleep. Experts say that this painful symptom can be blamed on electrolyte imbalances and possible nerve damage stemming from poor circulation.

  5. Your memory is not what it used to be

    Lack of oxygen due to bad blood flow can be attributed to less-than-sharp memories in CKD sufferers. Additionally, some patients report chronic dizziness and even the inability to concentrate when performing simple tasks.

  6. You’re cold

    Are you the type of person who bundles up, even during the height of the summer? If so, you could be experiencing renal anemia, a symptom of chronic kidney disease that causes a disruption in red blood cell count, a disorder that makes patients feel weak, light-headed, and cold.

  7. Your palate is “off”

    One of the more curious symptoms that some CKD patients experience is a metallic taste in the mouth, which can be described as something like “sucking on a penny.” This odd-ball warning sign is due to a build-up of waste in the blood, called uremia.

  8. Your urine is suspect

    For CKD patients, going “number one” can often be a disconcerting experience. Sufferers report urine being foamy, foul-smelling, or in the worst cases, mixed with blood.

  9. You’re tired

    Now, there are probably one hundred illnesses that general fatigue can be attributed to, but for CKD patients, this symptom is a big one. The disease can cause anemia, depression, sleep disorders, and chronic inflammation, all of which go hand-in-hand with dips in energy.

These are all definitely important symptoms to look out for! We’d like to hear your take on chronic kidney disease. Do you suffer from this illness? If so, did you notice any of these 9 symptoms before getting diagnosed? What has your treatment plan been like?