KFC Partners with Cinnabon to Make the Most Delicious Dessert Biscuits Ever

dessert biscuitsKFC via Delish

In case you haven’t noticed, in recent years, take-out chicken restaurant, KFC, has gotten pretty creative with their marketing efforts. In addition to its inventive new menu items, like the fried chicken-scented fire logs that were made available last holiday season, the brand has also switched up the actors portraying its founder, the iconic Colonel Sanders. In fact, over the past several years alone, a long list of mostly comedians have donned the white suit, including Darryl Hammond, Norm Macdonald, Jim Gaffigan, and more.

We are reminding you of this because there just so happens to be a NEW Colonel in town. And, guys–he’s kind of hot… (Never thought we would ever type that sentence, but there you go!) Don’t believe us? Just check out this ‘Chickendales’ video for yourself.

And, before you click that ‘play’ button, we promise that you will get all of the deets on those absolutely spellbinding Dessert Biscuits pictured above.

Just, watch the video first. Trust us…

Now, if you were able to hold your focus throughout that very, very odd new internet classic, you would have noticed that the Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits are a limited time indulgence and are part of a Mother’s Day promotion, which lasts April 29th through June 30th.

Apparently, these scrumptious-looking biscuits are only there to make your Mother’s Day lunch date just that much sweeter. Looks like you’ll have to change your Mother’s Day to a Mother’s MONTH at KFC. Gotta catch those Dessert Biscuits while they last!

KFC says that it will be selling the Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits for $1 a piece, or $3 for a four-piece set. What a steal! Of course, you can always take advantage of the Chickendales deal which gives you a FREE four-piece set with every 10-piece or larger chicken meal that you order.

Sure, KFC might not be the classiest of Mother’s Day destinations, but we’ve got a feeling that when your mom tastes those sweet, flaky, utterly-irresistible biscuits, she won’t mind the budget lunch.

Now that your brain is filled with things you never knew you needed to know about (i.e. sexy Colonel Sanders and a KFC-Cinnabon mashup), it’s time to share your reaction! Do you plan on taking your mom to KFC for Mother’s Day so you can try the Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits? What do you think of the new and improved Colonel Sanders? Do you have your very own dessert biscuits recipe you would like to share?