Kentucky Front-Line Nurse Wins $200,000 From Scratch-Off Ticket On the Same Day She Retires

Kentucky Lottery

Not everyone plays the lottery. Some people consider it a waste of money, and for a lot of people, it probably is. Yet, other people love playing the lottery. Whether it’s playing for mega millions, buying scratch off tickets in the hopes of winning small prizes, or participating in an office lottery pool, some people find it a rush to play the lottery.

We can’t fault people who buy lottery tickets on a regular basis. There was a time when we participated in an office lottery pool because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t want to be the only ones who didn’t win big. It was also fun and exciting. We never won anything, but we don’t have any regrets about participating.

Many people find it fun and exciting to play the lottery because there is always a chance of winning. Someone will win eventually, and you never know which ticket is going to be the big winner.

When one nurse who lives in Kentucky bought a scratch-off lottery ticket, we’re sure she was hopeful that she would win something, but she never really expected to win the grand prize.

She worked on the front lines throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and she had finally decided it was time to retire. After 36 years, she had retired from her job as a nurse the same day she bought the lottery ticket.

At a Double Kwik in Prestonburg, Kentucky, the retired nurse paid $10 for a scratch-off ticket. She scratched off the ticket before even leaving the store. She noticed that the number 20 on the last row was a match. She knew she had won something, but she still didn’t know how much.

She proceeded to scratch off the prize amount below the winning number, and she was shocked to discover that it revealed the grand prize, $200,000. She chose to take the prize as a lump sum, which ended up being $142,000 after taxes. She drove to the lottery headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, that same week to claim her prize.

The winner wishes to remain anonymous, but she still wanted to share her joy and surprise. She explained, “It was unbelievable. I had just retired that day. I saw this as a sign it was meant to be for me to quit working.”

Do you play the lottery? If so, have you ever won? How would you react if you won big in the lottery? What would you do with the money?