Kelly Clarkson Reveals That She’s Quarantining at Home with Her Kids

If you watch a show that has someone’s name in the title, you expect that person to be part of the show. For example, if you watch “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” you expect the host to be Kelly Clarkson, because she is the host. Well, she is the host unless she’s quarantining.

On a recent show, Clarkson was not the host of the show. Instead, that duty was temporarily given to guest host Taraji P. Henson. During the show, Henson explained that instead of hosting the show, Clarkson would be the show’s first guest.

Then Clarkson showed up on a large screen. She was wearing an eye mask on her head. She had a bathrobe on, and her face was free from any makeup. She even showed off a broken fingernail. Basically, she didn’t have her usual hair and makeup team to get her ready for the show, and she owned it.

Clarkson shared that she was at home quarantining with her two kids, her son Remington Alexander, who is 5, and her daughter, River Rose, who is 7. She explained, “I’m so broken. This is me broken.” 

Don’t be too concerned about Clarkson’s health. While she’s playing it safe by quarantining at home, she shared, “I’m not even sick. It’s so weird.”

In order to pass the time, Clarkson and her children have been watching the movie “Encanto” a lot as well as “Ghostbusters Afterlife.” She shared that when she watches a movie with her children, “it’s like watching three movies.” She explained, “We’re watching ‘Encanto’ and then you’re listening to my son who always leaves mid-movie and just starts singing the soundtrack, and then you have River who literally just, right after the line is said, she just repeats like she’s memorizing dialogue for a play.”

Clarkson also shared that she has yet to take her Christmas decorations down, claiming that she’s just going to decorate her tree for each season of the year. She also revealed that she is having construction done on her home, and it is far from a pleasant experience.

During the interview, Clarkson took sips from a cup, but she didn’t specify what was inside. Henson joked that it was probably wine and not coffee. We wouldn’t blame her either way. Quarantining with kids can be both stressful and exhausting.

Do you have first hand experience quarantining with kids? If so, what did you do to pass the time?