Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Have Finally Reached a Divorce Settlement

Us Weekly

Although Kelly Clarkson has been legally single since September 2021, her divorce battle was far from over. When children and property are involved, there’s a lot to work out.

Her ex, Brandon Blackstock, wanted to live on their ranch in Montana, but Kelly wanted to sell it. In addition, the couple fought for custody of their children, and considering Kelly makes millions and Brandon makes, lets just say, much, much less, there was the issue of child support and spousal support.

TMZ reports that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon has finalized the terms of the divorce. Kelly has custody of the children. While Brandon is living in Montana, he will only get to see his children one weekend each month. Those terms will be renegotiated if he decides to leave Montana.

Speaking of Montana, Brandon will need to leave the Montana ranch by June 1st, and in the meantime, he is required to pay Kelly rent.

Even though Brandon will only get to see his children one weekend a month, he is still getting over $40,000 a month in child support to pay for essentials to make it comfortable for the children when they visit. When he moves, that amount may be renegotiated depending on how much upkeep expenses are at his new residence.

In addition, Brandon also gets spousal support but not forever. The spousal support will end in 2024.

For all the details about who gets what in this divorce battle, watch the video below.

In addition to finally having an end to this divorce battle, Kelly also has a new name. While she will keep her stage name, Kelly Clarkson, she has officially dropped Clarkson from her legal name. She is now legally Kelly Brianne. Brianne is her middle name. Not only did she want to drop Blackstock from her name to separate her identity from that of her ex, but she also wanted to drop Clarkson from her name to separate herself from her father.