Kelly Clarkson Filed a Petition to Legally Change Her Famous Last Name

kellyclarkson via Instagram

Kelly Clarkson has become a household name. Ever since we were introduced to her on “American Idol,” we knew her voice and her name. She has been a star for years, and her name has star power. She even has her own talk show that also includes her name, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

While Kelly’s career has certainly been successful, her personal life has had it’s ups and downs. After 7 years of marriage, she filed for divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstock. The messy divorce has been very public, with it being widely known that Clarkson is much, much better off financially than her ex.

Through it all, Kelly has seemed to have a positive attitude, but she’s ready to have a new change to go along with her attitude, and this change is a big one. She wants to change her last name.

If Kelly gets her way, Clarkson will no longer be part of who she is. Instead, she will be known as Kelly Brianne.

The name change isn’t completely random. Brianne is Kelly’s middle name that she would simply like to use as her last name.

The big question is why Kelly wants to change her name. According to court documents, she explained, “My new name more fully reflects who I am.” 

While we all might think the name Kelly Clarkson fits her perfectly since that’s how we’ve always known her, to Kelly, the name Kelly Brianne fits her better. Since it’s her name, it seems reasonable for her to be the one to make that decision and not her fans. It’s a good thing because not all of her fans are happy about the name change.

Even though Kelly wants to legally change her name to Kelly Brianne, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to stop calling her Kelly Clarkson. As pointed out on Twitter, it’s not necessarily that Kelly wants to drop Clarkson from her name. She wants to drop Blackstock from her name. Her stage name might very well remain Kelly Clarkson.

Are you surprised the Kelly wants to change her name to Kelly Brianne? Do you think she’ll keep the stage name Kelly Clarkson, or do you think she will change the name of her show to “The Kelly Brianne Show”?