Katy Perry Walks Out Of ‘American Idol’ Audition After Heated Debate Over Aretha Franklin’s Granddaughter


Just because someone is related to someone who was very famous and successful does not mean that relative has a fast track to becoming famous and successful as well. Sure, there are lots of children and grandchildren of celebrities who become celebrities in their own right, but a family name is not all that it takes. It may help, but it also takes talent and hard work.

Grace Franklin is the granddaughter of Aretha Franklin. She grew up knowing Aretha as her grandmother more than someone who was famous around the world.

Like her grandmother, Grace likes to sing, and at the age of 15, she decided to see if she could have a chance to become a famous singer like her grandmother. Her first attempt was to audition for American Idol.

When Grace walked in the room to audition in front of judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, they didn’t know she was related to a famous singer. Lionel asked Grace, “How did you get here to us?” Then, she responded, “My grandma is Aretha Franklin.”

That news made an immediate impression on the judges. It obviously shaped their expectations and hopes that maybe, just maybe this girl can sing.

For her audition, Grace chose to sing the song “Killing Me Softly.” Afterwards, the judges seemed indecisive about whether or not she had what it takes to make it in this competition, so Katy asked her to sing another song. This time, she chose to sing her grandmother’s song “Ain’t No Way.”

When it was time for the judges to vote, Luke went first. He voted no. Then it was Katy’s turn. She voted yes and described Grace as having “stardust” and “sparkle.” Finally, it was Lionel’s turn. It seemed like he was leaning towards a no vote, and Katy was not okay with that. She was so not okay with Grace not making it through to the competition that she tried to talk Lionel into voting yes. Then she walked off the stage.

Watch the video below to hear what the judges had to say about Grace’s performance including what Lionel had to say to Grace after Katy left the stage.

If you would like to hear Grace’s audition, you can do so below.

Do you think Lionel made the right decision to vote no, or should he have voted yes? Do you think Grace will come back and audition for American Idol in the future?