How Kate Spade’s Niece, Actress Rachel Brosnahan, Is Honoring Her Late Aunt’s Legacy

Kate Spade and Rachel BrosnahanTODAY

It’s been 7 months since the world lost fashion icon, Kate Spade to suicide. The death of the legendary designer shocked the world, especially her devoted legion of fans that had been flaunting her bright, colorful creations for nearly 25 years. That being said, the ones who were most affected by Spade’s passing were none other than her close family and friends.

Sadly, Kate Spade left behind a 13-year-old daughter, Frances Beatrix Spade, as well as husband and longtime business partner, Andy Spade. Though they have yet to share their full stories with the press at length, two other close confidants of the late Spade just have–her best friend, Elyce Arons, and her niece, Rachel Brosnahan.

In an interview with TODAY, the two announced a collaboration with Frances Valentine, the accessories brand that Kate Spade had been running prior to her tragic death. Brosnahan, who stars as the title character in the Emmy Award-winning show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, is acting as the cover girl for the Spring 19 campaign. Recently, the brand released its first image from the shoot, one that is stopping Kate Spade fans in their tracks…

Now, if you know anything about Kate Spade, then you can instantly recognize Brosnahan’s physical and spiritual resemblance to her late aunt. The powerful shot really captures what so many fans loved about her–hope, color, and whimsy galore!

Arons and Brosnahan also collaborated together on the designs of the line by infusing what they like to call the “vintage modern” Kate Spade aesthetic into the gorgeous pieces. Here’s how the late designer’s longtime best friend describes the new line:

“[The Spring 19 line] is keeping Kate’s designs and creativity and spirit alive through Frances Valentine. They’re beautiful bags and they’re really classic. They’re something you could wear 10 years ago or 10 years from now and still pull that piece out of your closet and say ‘Oh my god, I love that piece!'”

Besides the release of the new Frances Valentine line, the TODAY interview also delves into some pretty emotional territories, including how close friends and family have been coping with the unthinkable loss. We think it’s well worth a watch; suicide is a topic that doesn’t get discussed nearly enough. We commend these brave women for their transparency and for doing all they can for keeping their loved one’s legacy alive!

Be sure to watch TODAY’s interview with Rachel Brosnahan and Elyce Arons below…

And, to learn more about Kate Spade’s legacy, watch this…

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the late Kate Spade’s commemorative line. Were you a fan of the designer? Do you plan on buying a Frances Valentine piece? Have you been affected by suicide?