Here’s the Emotional Title Kate Middleton Will Take Once William is King

If you’re a fan of Britain’s Royal Family, then you know that the famous group is made to abide by an awful lot of zany rules, from super strict table manners to uniform manicures to total and complete lockdowns of social media accounts. Yep, being a royal might sound easy, but there’s no question that these folks must be “on” all the time, a fact that sounds pretty darn tiring to us!

But, one of the least tiring and more intriguing rules that all members of the Royal Family must accept–and wear like a badge of honor!– are their royal titles. As it turns out, gaining a ‘prince’, ‘princess’, or even ‘duke’ or ‘duchess’ title isn’t all that simple, especially if you’re not an official member of the royal bloodline.

What makes their, as well as the rest of the “true” royals’, titles so confusing is the fact that they can evolve or completely change when one of its members marries, dies, or relinquishes their spot.

Confused yet? Just take a look at this scenario; our modern-day Prince William was born with the title of “Prince of Wales,” but when he married, he received three other royal titles, “Duke of Cambridge,” “Earl of Strathearn,” and “Baron Carrickfergus.” We wonder why he only wants to be known as the Duke of Cambridge and not Baron Carrickfergus…NOT.

But, bizarre royal titles aside, the naming tradition gets even more confusing for spouses who are married into the family. Recently, we told you all about how Camila Parker Bowles has a particularly confusing royal title— in fact, she has THREE particularly confusing royal titles.

You see, when Parker Bowles married longtime lover, Prince Charles, back in 2005, the Queen gave her three titles–the “Duchess of Cornwall,” “Her Royal Highness,” and “Princess of Wales.”

Now, the first two titles make quite a bit of sense, especially considering her husband holds the “Duke of Cornwall” title, and, Parker Bowles is a royal after all, which makes HRH make sense. But, what’s a little bit disconcerting–and just plain confusing!–about her titles is the last one, Princess of Wales.

We don’t know about you, but when we hear “Princess of Wales,” we certainly don’t think of Camilla Parker Bowles– the only woman who will ever hold that title in our minds is the late, great Princess Diana. Thankfully, Parker Bowles isn’t out-of-touch when it comes to her personal brand, so she never goes by her princess title out of respect for the original Princess of Wales.

So, now that you know just how convoluted these royal titles can be, let’s take the time to look at what many believe Duchess Kate’s will transform to when her husband, Prince William, becomes King. We’re not going to lie–knowing the sweet prince’s history so well, this one got us a little bit choked up!

To learn what Duchess Kate’s royal title will be after Prince William takes the throne, be sure to watch the video below. This one’s going to surprise you!

What are your thoughts on Duchess Kate’s would-be title? Do you think she should go by it? What would you do if you were in her situation? Do you think Camilla Parker Bowles should use her princess title?