Kate Middleton Is Reportedly ‘Really Upset’ Over Harry & Meghan’s Estrangement from Family


When we hear “royal family,” that no longer includes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Back in January 2020, the two took a step back from their royal duties, causing a series of controversies and backlash from the two. In March of 2021, they appeared on an Oprah special, indicating that they had some horrible experiences as royals, including acts of racism and disregard for mental health.

All of this has caused some pretty upset fans. However, it seems that one royal herself is one of the most distraught of all: Kate Middleton. According to a PEOPLE insider, Kate isn’t too happy about it. In fact, the insider said that she has been “really, really upset about it all.”

The good news? It turns out that Kate and her husband Prince William have actually strengthened their relationship over all of the drama. “Everything with Harry and Meghan has been hugely stressful, but if anything, it’s pulled [her and William] closer together,” another source told the outlet that. “She was upset about it because [William] was so upset. Seeing her husband so distraught was tough.”

Kate is historically a very strong person, her feelings might come as a surprise to some. A friend told People that Kate is “no pushover. She has an inner strength for sure.”

Her feelings are also a bit surprising in the sense that she has never publicly acknowledged how she felt, and has never defended Harry and Meghan when they’ve been in the news. Part of that was due to a rumor stating that Kate and Meghan were never really close. A source told once told Scobie and Durand that Kate felt the two didn’t have much in common “other than the fact that they lived at Kensington Palace.”

In the past, there have been rumors that Meghan made Kate cry before Meghan’s royal wedding to Harry.

“The narrative with Kate, which didn’t happen, was really, really difficult and something that I think, that’s when everything changed, really,” Meghan said in her interview with Oprah. “No. [I didn’t make Kate cry]. No, no, the reverse happened. And I don’t say that to be disparaging to anyone, because it was a really hard week of the wedding, and she was upset about something, but she owned it, and she apologized, and she brought me flowers and a note apologizing and she did what I would do if I knew that I hurt someone. To just take accountability for it.”

We’re not sure what to believe! What do you think of Meghan and Harry’s estrangement from the royal family? Do you think Kate is really upset about it, or is it just another royal rumor floating around?