Kate Hudson Trolled For Taking Her Daughter Out For A Walk In A Stroller

No mom is immune from being mom shamed. Celeb moms may even be more susceptible than the average mom, or at least, when they get mom shamed, it becomes news.

One of the latest celebs to get publicly mom shamed just for living her life and posting about it is actress Kate Hudson. On June 20th, Hudson posted a picture that she captioned, “someone’s becoming a little city gal.”

Hudson probably never expected to get trolled for this post. Based on her caption, she was just sharing a picture of herself and her daughter, a moment of the two of them in the big city.

In the picture, Hudson is wearing jeans and a white tank top. She has sunglasses on, but she appears to be looking at something off in the distance. She is wearing socks and sandals, which some people called her out about. For example, one comment reads, “Kate Hudson in mom jeans with sandals and socks! Times they are a changing.”

That was far from the major faux pas some trolls saw in the photo.

Hudson was with her daughter, 3-year-old Rani Rose. In the picture, Rani is sitting in a stroller, a big smile on her face, her eyes squinting either to block the sun or because she’s smiling so big. Like her mother, she appears to be looking off to the side at something or someone in the distance.


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Many people thought Rani looked like she was way too big to be in a stroller, and they apparently have never heard the advice not to say anything unless you have something nice to say.

One person referenced the movie “Jaws” by writing, “Your gonna need a Bigger stroller.”

Another comment kept it short and to the point claiming, “Too big for a stroller.”

Yet another follower commented, “Rhani seems a bit old for a stroller, i think Kates pushing her around for the work out- I’ve seen her push her sled.”

Thankfully, there were a few comments that put the trolls in their place. For example, one person wrote, “I love all of the Karens saying she is too big for the stroller. They can’t walk as far or as long as we can at that age. So unless you feel like carrying her 75% of the time, some form of stroller/wagon is very necessary.”

Do you think 3 is too old for a stroller? Do you think it matters either way if Rani is as happy in the stroller as she looks in this Instagram post?