‘Karen’ of Scottsdale Loses Her Job After Company Reviews Footage of Grocery Store Coughing Incident

While some people believe wearing a face mask is an essential way to protect yourself and others from Covid-19, not everyone agrees. Yet, if a store, city, county or state has a mask mandate, it is always a good idea to respect that mask mandate. Unfortunately, some people refuse to follow the rules and go beyond making fun of people who do follow the rules.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, a mom and her child were minding their own business while shopping at a grocery store. They were wearing face masks inside the store because there is currently a mask mandate in Lincoln. Even if there weren’t a mask mandate, it would still be their right to wear face masks if they want to.

Unfortunately, some people have to go out of their way to cause trouble. One woman, who we shall call Karen, was not wearing a face mask inside the grocery store. Instead of minding her own business, she deliberately followed the mom and daughter who were wearing masks. The mom caught the interaction on camera, and the video has now gone viral.

In the video, which the mom originally posted on Reddit, Karen asks the mom and child why they are wearing face masks. Then she says, “Two years ago, before everyone started talking about COVID, you were okay going out not knowing if people were sick right?”

Yes, it’s true that things were different two years ago, but that was 2019, and this is 2021. Yet, Karen wouldn’t leave the mom and child alone. Instead, she followed them while coughing in their direction. Watch the video below to see her appalling behavior for yourself.

The coughing woman in the video was later identified as Janene Hoskovec from Scottsdale, Arizona. When her employer, SAP, found out about the video, they reviewed the footage and fired her from her job.

Do you think Hoskovec deserved to lose her job because of the coughing incident? How would you react if someone was deliberately coughing at you? Is there a mask mandate where you live? If not, do you choose to wear a face mask anyway?