Angry ‘Karen’ Threatens To Go To the Media After Getting Kicked Out of Pumpkin Patch for Bringing Her Pet Snake

u/Cyberrebel9 via Reddit & DesignPicsInc via Deposit Photos

Everyone likes to go to a pumpkin patch in the fall with the family, right? Well, what if you were having your fall outing and another customer came in the patch with a large snake? You’d probably complain to someone who worked there, or run away screaming.

One “Karen”—aka an entitled woman who thinks the world revolves around her—came to a pumpkin patch with her family and their pet snake. When she was kicked out for having the snake, she argued that there was no sign saying snakes weren’t allowed.

The text conversation between her and the manager of the pumpkin patch is kind of unreal. It starts off with the “Karen” explaining how much money she spent to be at the patch, and that since it was never stated that snakes weren’t allowed, she couldn’t fathom why she was kicked out.

The pumpkin patch responded very nicely and offered to reactivate her tickets so that they could return anther day, just without their snake. They mad it clear that they had a lot of complaints about the snake being there, and that “a sign should not be needed to inform people that snakes are not allowed.”

Karen was not having that, however. You see, that particular day that they got kicked out was perfect weather, and since she had spent so much money, she wanted a complete refund and “does not wish to come back.”

The pumpkin patch explained that they can’t give her a refund, saying that they should’ve called ahead to ask about bringing their snake. They repeated that, once again they can reactivate the tickets, but they can’t issue her a refund.

The Karen shot back that she was going to contact a news outlet and that they were “literally treated like criminals,” adding that, “you are able to refund my money, but just won’t.

The entire text thread was posted to the F*ckYouKaren subreddit, so go ahead and read it in full.

Redditors who saw the post lost their minds.

“Imagine being so delusional you think going to the media would make you anything less than a laughingstock,” someone wrote.

“Today I put a tub together for my baby and in the instructions it said WARNING: BABIES CAN DROWN IN WATER! And I thought to myself “Jesus Christ, what idiot needs that spelled out for them, this is a bit much”. But then I learned there’s people out there who need a sign to tell them “Don’t have your child bring a snake to a pumpkin patch” and I get it now,” another person said.

Other people were concerned for the snake: “I’m worried for that snake honestly. Poor thing must be stressed to hell and back if they regularly take it crowded places like that. Obviously a snake isn’t going nowhere to be allowed sheesh,” someone said.

Man—can you believe this is a real conversation? Would you ever bring a snake to a pumpkin patch? Do you think the manager was being reasonable by kicking her out?