“Karen” Goes Viral for Epic Temper Tantrum at Victoria’s Secret

The Young Turks

It’s often hard to know what really happened when two different people have two completely different versions of the story. One person claims the other person did something wrong. The other person claims, no, they were actually a victim in the situation. If you’re a parent, this probably sounds familiar when you’re trying to figure out which kid did what.

One way to know what really happened is to look at video footage. Security cameras can be extremely helpful and so can the videos we all take on our phones.

Recently, at a Victoria’s Secret in Millburn, NJ, a black woman named Ijeoma Ukenta took out her phone and started recording a white woman who we’ll refer to as Karen. In the video, Ukenta claims that Karen tried to attack her, so she started recording as a way of defending herself.

What’s making Ukenta’s video go viral is the way this Karen reacted to being filmed. She had a complete meltdown that really reminded us of a toddler who is told he or she can’t have the toy or piece of candy they want at a store. This type of behavior may be expected from a small child but not from an adult woman at Victoria’s Secret.

Watch the video below to learn more about this strange incident at Victoria’s Secret and to see Karen’s meltdown for yourself.

According to TMZ, Karen is the one who actually ended up calling the police, and she was also the first person that the police spoke to when they arrived at Victoria’s Secret. Karen claimed that she was having a panic attack due to the fact that Ukenta was filming her. She was extremely worried that the video would end up online (it obviously did) and that it would cause her to lose her job.

The police also spoke to Ukenta who claimed that she was recording Karen in order to protect herself from any false accusations Karen might make. The police refused to force Karen to leave the mall, but they did offer to escort Ukenta to her car as a courtesy. She didn’t take them up on the offer.

Police also didn’t find any evidence that Karen hit Ukenta. Even though Ukenta was recording, she didn’t get the entire incident on film, and it’s not quite clear what exactly happened before Karen had a meltdown.

Do you think this Victoria’s Secret Karen tried to hit Ukenta? Do you believe her story about having a panic attack? How would you have reacted if you saw a meltdown like this happening while you were shopping?