Kanye “Ye” West Objects to Kim Kardashian’s Request To Be Legally Single

It has been a year since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband Kanye West. She originally filed the divorce papers in February 2021. Fast forward a year to February 2022, and the divorce is still not finalized.

In the past year, Kardashian has gone from feeling like a failure because of her failed marriage to putting it behind her and moving on by dating comedian Pete Davidson. Meanwhile, West has officially changed his name to “Ye,” bought a house across the street from his ex and even publicly begged for her to come back.

The divorce has not been easy, but Kardashian wants to be declared legally single; however, West objects. According to Page Six, he is concerned that Kardashian may remarry before their divorce is finalized, and that is a huge concern for him. He wants to make sure certain safeguards are in place.

For starters, West’s attorneys requested a “right of reimbursement.” That means either party would reimburse the other in the case that one of them died. In addition, West wants to make sure that Kardashian doesn’t transfer any money out of any trusts the couple created while they were married. Kardashian’s attorney rejected both of these requests, claiming they are unnecessary due to the couple’s prenuptial agreement. They have each kept all of their money separate since the very beginning of their marriage.

Most importantly, West wants to reach an agreement with Kardashian about custody of their four children before anything else is finalized. The couple has four children together, North who is 8, Saint who is 6, Chicago who is 4 and Psalm who is 2.

In addition, West also wants to finalize an agreement about their property. In the meantime, he wants Kardashian to waive marital privilege so that all of their communications can be part of the court’s record. In addition, West wants Kardashian to waive marital privilege if she decides to remarry so that future discussions about their children’s custody will also be accessible in court.

While it seems that the former couple can’t agree on much, they did agree on a few things, like keeping discussions about “income, expenses, assets, debts and employment” private.

The next hearing is scheduled in March. At that time, Kardashian’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, will try to convince the judge that her client should be declared legally single.

For more about the ongoing drama between West and Kardashian, watch the video below.

Do you think Kardashian should be declared legally single? Why do you think West is still trying to win her back?