Kanye West Has Been Banned From Performing At the Grammys

Good Morning America

Kanye West’s recent behavior has come into question multiple times. At first people thought it was kind of sweet that he was trying to win back Kim Kardashian, but then things took a negative and disturbing turn when he posted a music video where he depicting murdering Kim’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

A leak of Davidson’s private texts with West reveal that Davidson is concerned about West’s mental health. The Daily Show’s host, Trevor Noah, also expressed concern about West’s behavior, which resulted in West retaliating by posting a racial slur on Instagram. West pushed too far with that racial slur, and he was temporarily banned from Instagram.

Now, West is also getting banned from the Grammy’s – kind of. West was scheduled to perform at the awards show, but that is no longer happening; however, he is up for an award. If West wins an award, he will still end up on stage. The concern is what West might say or do if he has a live microphone in his hand and a huge audience listening to whatever he decides to say.

Noah is the host of the upcoming Grammy Awards, but according to Noah, he had nothing to do with the decision to ban West from performing.

Watch the video below to learn more about West’s disturbing behavior and what might happen if he wins an award at the show.

Do you think West should seek help for his mental health? Do you think his actions are reasonable considering he wishes he were still with his ex-wife, or do you think his behavior is irrational and potentially dangerous? Do you think West should be allowed to perform at the Grammy’s? Do you think he’ll win an award? If he does, do you think his microphone will end up getting cut off?