The Unexpected Reason Behind Why These Boys Cut Their Long Locks

Giving time or money to your favorite charity is certainly a worthy act, but could you imagine cutting and donating your precious hair? Sure, it’s not unheard of to put chopped locks to good use, but the subjects of today’s story have certainly taken things one step further…

Phoebe Kannisto is just your average mom of six boys—yep, we said SIX boys! And, in reality, she actually plays mom to seven kids, as she also has a 2-year old daughter. The brood of boys ranges in age from five to ten, with a set of triplets and a set of twins amongst then. Pretty impressive, if you ask us!

Though the family is inspiring on its own, what sets them apart is the fact that they grow their hair long as they can and chop it off on an annual basis.

As you probably already guessed, this big family with Rapunzel-like mops has gotten into their hair-growing tradition in order to help those in need. Each and every strand from the cuts have been donated to Children with Hair Loss, which is a charity that works to provide wigs to kids that have experienced medically-related hair loss.

Recently, the Kannistos went in for their haircuts, but, amazingly, this was not this family’s first rodeo. As a matter of fact, her three oldest sons have already gone through a chop and re-growth process, and even plan to continue in the future.

The mom and six boys first got the idea to grow and donate their manes after a close family friend’s son, unfortunately, passed away from cancer. In an interview with the Huffington Post, the supermom talked about the family’s motivation behind their various big cuts.

She said, “Three years ago, my friend lost her son to cancer. He was a twin and very close in age to my twins. On the first anniversary of his passing, my three oldest boys donated their hair in his memory. Since their donation two years ago, our lives have continued to be touched by cancer. It’s everywhere. My boys want to help, and donating their hair is how they do it.”

Incredibly, a whopping 17 feet of hair was actually taken off both the mom and sons’ heads. And might we say, these are some seriously beautiful, shiny, healthy-looking locks. The people who are going to end up with this family’s hair are seriously lucky!

Sadly, mom Pheobe admits that the hair-growing process hasn’t been as smooth as she would like it to be. You see, all six of her boys have been subjected to bullying for sporting long tresses, with one experiencing the brunt of it.

The mom says, “One son has been teased more than the others. He and I have had many tear-filled conversations over the last several months. He explains the process of hair donation to his peers, and some of them just don’t get it.”

How noble of these little guys to go through that whole process. To meet this extraordinary family for yourself, be sure to click on the video below. You may just be inspired to grow your mop out, too!

What do you think of the generous Kannistos? Have you ever donated your hair before? Have you been a recipient from a charity like this? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!