Kaley Cuoco Announced That She’s Pregnant

Gage Skidmore

When a happy couple finds out they’re having a baby together, it is a very exciting time, especially if they have been hoping for a baby. Often, the couple will try to find a cute way to announce the pregnancy to family and friends. Of course, when you’re a celebrity couple, you’re also announcing the news to fans and followers.

Kaley Cuoco has been married twice, and has announced that she never, ever plans to walk down the aisle again. She also shared that while filming “The Flight Attendant,” she was in a very dark place in her life. Thankfully, she has come out of that dark place and has found the light. Not only has she met her dream man, she has also announced that she is pregnant.

Cuoco met boyfriend Tom Pelphrey back in April, and they hit it off immediately. She announced that they were dating just one month later, and now the happy couple is expecting a baby.

Cuoco posted a series of photos on Instagram to make the pregnancy announcement. She posted pictures of baby clothes, including a onesie that reads “This baby needs a pony,” and she posted a picture of mom and dad to be kissing while holding cups that read “mama bear” and “papa bear.” It definitely looks like the couple is beyond excited about their bundle of joy.

Not only did Cuoco announce that she’s pregnant, but she also announced the baby’s gender by showing off cake slices with bright pink frosting in the middle, and, in case that wasn’t enough, in the post’s caption, she wrote, “Baby girl Pelphrey coming 2023.”

In addition to announcing the baby news, Cuoco also showed off her tiny baby bump via a mirror selfie. Scroll through the pictures below to see all of this exciting baby news for yourself.


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Cuoco previously told Extra that “it was absolutely love at first sight” when she met Pelphrey. She added, “It was like the angels started singing. I was like, ‘Hallelujah.’ It was very magical. … It was perfect.”

Now, Cuoco’s celeb friends are loving her pregnancy news at first sight. Sharon Stone commented on Cuoco’s post, “Well CONGRATULATIONS. It’s wonderful to see you happy pants.”

Meanwhile, Lacey Chabert wrote, “So happy for you guys!!”

Alyssa Milano commented, “You are going to be the best mama ever. Text me if you need anything. Love you so much.”