Guy Finds a Way to ‘Justify’ 15 of the Worst Construction Fails He’s Ever Seen

greaseball1987 via Instagram

We’ve written about construction fails in the past. For example, we’ve compiled lists of the most bizarre bathrooms. We’ve also pointed out some of the most unusual things real estate agents have discovered when helping their clients. In those cases, all we could do was scratch our head and wonder why anyone would ever possibly think that was a good idea. This is different.

One guy has come up with a funny concept for an Instagram account. He posts pictures of the worst construction fails he can find, but he does more than that. In the text accompanying the pictures, he pretends that he was the one who did the work, and he explains why this “fail” is actually a really good idea.

It’s hilarious. We love that he went further than laughing at construction fails and actually added to the humor even more with his interesting spin on the situation. Scroll down for some of our favorite examples of construction work gone wrong and his wit about why he did this on purpose.