Juror in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial Speaks Out For the First Time

Good Morning America

In the defamation case Johnny Depp brought against ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp prevailed as the winner. The jury decided that Heard owes Depp $10 million.

Since the end of the trial, Heard’s lawyer, Depp’s lawyers, and Heard herself have all sat down for on-camera interviews. They have explained why they did or did not feel that the jury made the right decision. For example, Heard’s lawyer claims that she thinks the jury was influenced by social media. Meanwhile, Depp’s lawyers explain that the jury was reminded every day not to look at social media, and they believe that the jury took those instructions seriously.

Now, one member of the jury has agreed to speak out; however, we do not know the juror’s name or jury number. We have not even heard the juror’s voice. In order to protect the juror’s identity, this was not an on-camera interview.

It really doesn’t matter much that we don’t know which juror spoke out. The juror’s description of why the jury found in favor of Depp is eye-opening. The juror describes the difference between the way Heard would answer questions and the way Depp would answer questions, and the way they answered the questions almost had as much to do with the jury’s decision than the actual answers.

The juror also commented on Heard’s lawyer’s claim that the jury was influenced by social media. The juror explained the truth about how the jury really treated the instructions not to look at social media.

Watch the video below to find out what it was about Heard’s answers that made the jury decide in favor of Depp and to hear if social media did or did not play into the jury’s decision.

Does it surprise you that the jury found Depp more believable? Do you think Heard would have fared better in this court case if she hadn’t taken the stand?