Dad Warns of Mold Found in His Child’s Juice Box Pouch

What was supposed to be an after-dinner treat turned into a food scare for one Indiana family. Cameron Hardwick wants to warn other parents about the mold he found in a juice pouch made by Capri Sun.

The dad posted a message on Facebook about the incident along with a video:

“I grabbed one out of the refrigerator and notice something odd about it… it seems low in content, I take a closer look at the packaging and don’t notice a hole or anything. So I shake it up some, only to find an unknown substance floating around in the package.”

Following his announcement, Hardwick was contacted by KraftHeinz – the makers of Capri Sun – about inspecting the product and addressing his concerns. In a later post, Hardwick said the pouch was collected and tested, and it was found that there was a small puncture in the packaging that allowed oxygen to enter.

Interestingly enough, there is a statement on Capri Sun’s website that addresses mold concerns for the preservative-free juice product:

“We’re so sorry you encountered mold! It’s unpleasant, but it’s unlikely to make you or your child sick. Although it’s rare, it is possible for food mold to grow inside containers of preservative-free juice drinks if the pouch is compromised or punctured in any way on its journey from our facilities to your grocery stores.

Even if the hole is microscopic and not visibly detectable, it can be exposed to air. The mold is naturally-occurring, and we understand your concerns. That’s why we created our clear bottom pouches so you can check for mold before enjoying your Capri Sun, while still remaining committed to keeping our drinks free of artificial preservatives.”

The company thanked Hardwick for bringing the mold issue to their attention and explained the reason why it could be present. They advise parents to discard any punctured packages or those that seem “low”. In the meantime, Hardwick does not plan on giving his children Capri Sun ever again.

Have you ever noticed mold in your juice box products? Will you be on the lookout now? Would you still purchase Capri Sun products?