Joy Behar Points Finger at Disney for Americans’ Unrealistic Ideas About Royal Life

The View via YouTube

We all know that Disney isn’t the best place to go for realism—they mostly produce cartoons, after all. But when you’re younger, it can be hard to watch a Disney show or movie and not think that the expectations portrayed are ones to expect in real life.

The topic came up on a recent episode of “The View,” when Joy Behar called Disney out for giving Americans unrealistic understandings of what royal life is really like.

The hosts on the show brought up the topic of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in England which would celebrate the 70 years she’s been on the throne. And everyone was mostly in agreement that the event was reasonable considering it marks a huge historical achievement.

However, one of the hosts, Sunny Hostin, said that part of her wasn’t fully on board because “it was built on the backs and the souls of slaves, so I’m just not interested.” After that, Sara Haines said that she wasn’t sure why Americans were so obsessed with royals in general, referring to the fact that many people in the US are fascinated with knowing all the details of the lives of the royal family.

“I think we also project childhood ideas of what princesses and princes are because we saw them on TV and there were happy endings and there were beautiful stories and it didn’t have the real history of what you’re describing so I think there’s a bit of a confusion,” Haines said.

That’s when Behar jumped in to blame Disney. “Don’t you think Disney is responsible for some of that?” she said, referring to how they portray the lives of princes and princesses.

This caused everyone at the table to laugh. Let’s not forget that Disney is the parent company of ABC, which produces and broadcasts “The View”! “Well I purposely did not mention where I saw my princesses and princes!” Haines quickly said. Ha, we’re all thinking it!

As the conversation went on, Behar shared her thoughts on how the monarchy would probably never truly be abolished.

“I don’t think that they’ll ever get rid of the monarchy in London in England, because they need it for tourism,” she said. “Billions of dollars come in because of that, even though they spend a lot on the monarchy. I mean, it’s not like Italy and France where you have food and weather. England hasn’t got the weather and they don’t have the food. They have the history and they have the pomp and circumstance.”

You can view the entire segment below and hear more of what Behar (and the others) has to say on the topic below!

What are your thoughts on Disney’s portrayal of royals?