Josh Duggar’s Cousin Amy King Doesn’t Believe His Prison Sentence Is Enough

Amy Duggar King has been very outspoken about her opinion of her cousin Josh Duggar. For example, she previously said that she was praying that Josh would get “the ultimate sentence.”

We first met Josh as the oldest child on the show “19 Kids and Counting.” The show was ultimately canceled because of information that came out about Josh. He had previously admitted to inappropriately touching underage girls including several of his sisters. More recently, Josh, who is now married to Anna Duggar, was convicted of possessing child pornography.

Josh’s cousin Amy didn’t quite get her wish of Josh getting “the ultimate sentence.” That would have been 20 years in jail and a $250,000 fine. Instead he got about 12 and a half years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Amy spoke out about her feelings about this sentence on Instagram. In a video where she admitted she wasn’t wearing any makeup, she said, “I can breath.” While she still wishes her cousin would have gotten the maximum sentence, she is relieved that that “he cannot have his computer. He cannot hurt, exploit anymore children, and when he sees his kids, he has to be supervised.”

She explained that she didn’t put makeup on for the video or edit it to cover up the blemishes on her face because “This is raw. This is real. This has been hurtful and stressful, and my face just proves it.”

Amy also shared that she doesn’t think the case is over yet. She explained, “Josh’s sickness stems from somewhere, and eventually we will hear about the trauma. I don’t know when or how or who, but eventually, unfortunately I think more will come out.”

Amy feels relieved that her cousin is behind bars. She said, “Hopefully tonight I can sleep for the first time ever and just be rest assured that another monster will be put behind bars. Makes my heart feel just a little lighter.”

You can watch Amy’s full Instagram video below.


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This is far from the first time Amy has been outspoken about her cousin Josh. One time she even advised his wife to divorce him. Watch the video below to hear more about Amy’s thoughts about her cousin and his sentence as well as what Josh’s life will be like when he finally gets released from prison.

Do you think Josh’s sentence was harsh enough? Do you think he should have gotten more prison time?