Jonathan Scott Shares Sweet Snapshot of His Newborn Nephew

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Becoming a parent is a big deal. In fact, it’s such a big deal that it’s really life-changing. It not only changes the structure of your family, but it changes your priorities.

Being a parent can be very rewarding and also very difficult. Not only are babies expensive, but parents often end up sleep deprived and exhausted as a result. It can be very helpful to have a network of family and friends to help out once in awhile, or even on a regular basis. A grandma who lets the kids spend the night once in awhile or an uncle who spoils the kids – kids and their parents would be very grateful for this kind of support.

Jonathan Scott plans to be the kind of uncle who spoils his nephew. His twin brother, Drew Scott, and his wife, Linda Phan, recently revealed a picture of their new bundle of joy, a son they named Parker James. Jonathan later share the same photo on Instagram, but he changed the caption to make it more personal to him, and fans are loving it.

In the picture, Drew and Linda are holding their son’s tiny hand. When Drew shared the picture, he wrote, “Our lives are forever changed. Welcome to the world Parker James.”

When Jonathan shared the photo, he had a little bit more to say. He started by complimenting his brother and sister-in-law. He wrote, “Parker James… you don’t know this yet but you’re the luckiest kid in the world to have such an incredibly loving mommy and daddy in Drew & Linda.”

Jonathan wasn’t done yet. He added that Parker James is also incredibly lucky to have him as an uncle. He wrote, “Get ready… I’m gonna spoil you.”

Fans are loving Jonathan’s sweet message to his nephew. One person wrote, “Congratulations uncle Jonathan you spoil him rotten.”

Another comment reads, “You’ll be the best uncle!”

Even Jonathan’s brother, Drew, commented on the post, but he had a little fun with his comment adding some dad humor and possibly wishful thinking. Drew wrote, “Wait you’re going to spoil me by helping change diapers???!!! Perfect!!”

As one person pointed out, changing diapers “would be spoiling mommy and daddy!!”

Do you think Jonathan will help out the new parents by changing diapers? How do you think Jonathan plans to spoil his nephew? Growing up, did you ever have an aunt, uncle or other relative that spoiled you?