Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Accuse Amber Heard Of Not Taking Accountability For ‘Anything’


It seems like everyone was wondering what was going to happen in the court case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Social media was buzzing. Many thought the jurors should find in favor of Depp. Others thought Heard was truly the victim. Yet others thought neither one of them would come out of this case looking good.

In the end, the jury found largely in favor of Depp. They agreed with him that Heard did in fact defame him in her op ed where she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse.

Heard’s attorney believes the jury found in favor of Heard because they ignored orders not to go on social media and they were swayed by the support on social media for Depp. Her attorney also believes he won because of evidence that was suppressed during the court case, including a court case in England where Depp was found guilty.

Now, Depp’s lawyers are speaking out, and they entirely disagree with Heard’s attorney. They believe the jury did not look at social media during the trial. They also believe that Heard will not be able to successfully appeal the case.

Watch the video below to hear Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew explain their thoughts about the result of the case between Depp and Heard including why they think the jury believed Depp and didn’t believe Heard.

Do you think the jury was able to avoid the influence of social media during the trial? Do you think Heard will be successful in her attempt to appeal the case? Why do you think the jury believed Depp and didn’t believe Heard? Do you agree with Depp’s attorneys that it’s because Depp was honest about struggles and areas where he has messed up whereas Heard didn’t take responsibility for her actions?