Johnny Depp Is Poised To Make A Return To the Big Screen

Johnny Depp claims that his ex-wife Amber Heard‘s claims about his behavior have damaged his career in Hollywood. That may be true, but his career is not over yet.

In an op-ed, Heard wrote that she was a victim of domestic abuse. Although she did not mention Depp, Depp claims that the timing of the piece made it clear that she was insinuating that he was the source of the domestic abuse.

Depp claims that Heard’s op-ed hurt his reputation and career. He also claims that she is lying and that he is actually the one who suffered from Heard’s domestic abuse.

Depp has sued Heard for $50 million for defamation, and Heard has counter-sued Depp for $100 million. While the court has yet to decide who to believe, it certainly does seem true that Depp’s career has taken a hit due to the accusations and controversy.

Warner Bros requested that Depp resign from his role in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, and he ended up agreeing to resign. According to Depp’s former agent, Depp also lost out on a role in a sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie due to Heard’s claims. The last time we saw Depp on the big screen was in 2020 in the film “Minamata.” The only acting work he’s gotten since is a voiceover role in the animated web series “Puffins Impossible.”

That is about to change.

Even though Hollywood is hesitant to work with Depp, overseas, he is still very popular. Depp recently received honorary awards at both the San Sebastian Film Festival and the Karlovy Vary Festival. He also received an award at Deauville American Film Festival.

Now, Depp is set to star in a French language film about King Louis XV, and he will be playing King Louis XV. The film is set to start production this summer. Production is expected to last about three months, and the majority of production will take place outside Versailles Palace. The film will be directed by Maïwenn who will also play the part of Jeanne Bécu, King Louis XV’s mistress.

According to Variety, King Louis XV ruled for 59 years and was nicknamed “the beloved” king. Ironically, he was not a popular king when he died. He was “accused of corruption and debauchery.”

Depp previously lived in France for many years, but his American accent is still noticeable. Hopefully he has been working on his French to prepare for this upcoming film.