Fans Everywhere Freak Out After John Travolta Shows Off His New Look on Social Media

Richard Goldschmidt

It’s amazing how much a haircut can change someone’s appearance. We’ve seen multiple examples of regular, ordinary people who hadn’t updated their look in awhile. Then, they got a new, updated haircut, and they looked like a celebrity.

One example that comes to mind is a “Glam Gram” who wanted to look on the outside the way she felt on the inside. We’re not sure her grandkids would even recognize her right away post makeover, but in a very good way.

Another example is a grandmother who’s also a biker. She updated her biker chick look, and it’s truly stunning.

Women aren’t the only ones who can be easily transformed with the help of a new haircut. Men can also look shockingly different when they get an updated new look. Like this guy, who had long hair past his shoulders. 

We mentioned that regular people can look like celebrities with a good makeover, but what about when celebrities get a makeover? Do they still look like celebrities? Yes, but you might have to do a double take to recognize them.

There are some celebs who we are used to seeing with different haircuts or colors. Katy Perry comes to mind. We’re also used to actors changing their look when they’re playing a new character in a movie or TV show.

There are other celebrities who kind of have a signature look that we don’t expect to change. No matter what role they take on, they almost always look the same.

One such celebrity with a signature look is John Travolta. He’s known for his gorgeous full head of hair, the envy of many regular, ordinary men. There have been rumors that Travolta used wigs in recent years to make up for his hair thinning, but we never saw him with anything less than his signature brunette locks.

That is, until now.

Travolta posted a picture on Instagram with his 18-year-old daughter showing off a completely different look. He didn’t just get a haircut. He shaved it all off. That’s right. Bald. His hair is gone.

We don’t know if the new look is for an upcoming movie role or if the actor has decided to switch things up for good. Either way, he looks a lot different, but, we’re relieved to report, not in a bad way.

Check out Travolta’s new look in the video below.


What do you think of John Travolta’s new look? Do you like him better with a full head of hair, or should he stick with the bald look?