13 People Talk About the Jobs That They Suspect Won’t Exist In 20 Years

Lorie Shaull

If you’re young and thinking about what career field to go into, you probably want to choose one that’s going to be around in 20 years. If you’re older, you might find yourself realizing that you’re in a dying industry and that your job may not even exist in the future.

Between technology and changes in trends, not every job will be a valuable asset to our society in the future, and some very important jobs may not even exist yet.

Reddit user BattleSausage asked, “What jobs won’t exist in 10-20 years?” Reddit users offered all sorts of valid suggestions. See you if agree. Do you think the following jobs will still be around in 20 years?

  1. Switchboard Operator

    Reddit user hulacake wrote:

    Mine. I am a switchboard operator, a dying breed.

  2. The Bathroom Attendant

    Another Reddit user added:

    Hopefully, that job where that dude stands in the men’s room of a bar and squirts soap into your hands, and hands you a paper towel, expecting a tip. I don’t hate the guy who does that job, but I loathe the fact that that job exists and that I’m forced to choose between wasting money, looking like a jerk and stiffing the guy, or taking the loophole and not washing my hands.

  3. Anyone Responsible for Phone Books

    jerkytart answered:

    Jobs related to the publishing and distribution of phone books.

  4. Train Engineers

    Spideraphobia explained:

    Train Engineers. My father is one and complains about the newer remote controlled trains taking jobs every day.

  5. Telemarketers

    1Ticky1 added:

    I hope telemarketing. Please be telemarketing.

  6. Possibly Librarians

    Snowflake0287 wrote:

    I’m really sad to say this – but I hope that libraries are still operational in 10-20 years. Maybe bookstores too.I think that while everybody says, ‘no way, books will be around forever, blablabla’ there is also the fact that libraries run on public funding and there has been legislation that continuously cuts hours and shuts down libraries.

  7. SEO Specialist

    huntingagape added:

    Social Media Specialist. Social media will eventually just be absorbed into Marketing if it hasn’t been already.

  8. Taxi Drivers

    garthcrooks shared:

    Taxi Drivers. Hopefully in 20 years autonomous cars will mean we can go to the pub, get drunk and drive home safely. The computerised cars might have to be programmed to understand slurred words and mistyped commands though!

  9. Fighter Pilots

    christiansi1 answered:

    I think fighter pilots will stop having jobs. Why risk a fellow human in combat when you can send computer-controlled unmanned fighters to do an equally effective job. Automated fighter jets are already in limited use and enjoying great success.

  10. Many Fast Food Jobs

    m0j0j0_j0 explained:

    Fast food and no skill labors, you thought automation in the automotive industry had an effect on the public… Wait till you’re tapping on ipads to place your orders and having food delivered to you on an assembly line…

  11. Mailman

    NegroFromSpace added:

    Mailman will probably be considered a hobby by then.

  12. Slow-Speed Driving Jobs

    huxrules suggested:

    Busdrivers, mailmen and garbage men. All those slow speed driving jobs will be automated.

  13. Pharmacy Technician

    mal_thecaptain wrote:

    As a pharmacy technician, probably pharmacy technicians. It’ll be totally automated in 20 years.