Joanna Gaines Shares Simple Hack for Making Your Kitchen Look Much Bigger

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When it comes to farmhouse style and home renovation how-to, many people have turned to Chip and Joanna Gaines for years. Now that “Fixer Upper” is no longer in production, we don’t have the latest design ideas from Jo herself on our TV, but we can happily turn the pages of her new book, “Homebody,” a design book packed full of tips that Joanna uses when designing a space.

Even Joanna’s daughter Ella is a huge fan of the book. She’s already marked her favorite pages and used what she learned to design a bedroom and bathroom. Wow!

From Spring Cleaning to paint colors, we’ve learned so much from Joanna Gaines, but there’s one tip in her new book that we can all use. Even if you’ve already read “Homebody” from cover to cover, you might have missed this tip, but it’s a good one.

We all have a kitchen, and if you like to cook, chances are that your kitchen gets messy pretty often. No matter how much counter space we have, it seems that some days there just isn’t enough room for all of our mixing bowls, cutting boards and small appliances.

Even if you’re not a home chef, chances are that the expanse of counter space tends to get filled with something, whether it’s take out boxes, your kids’ homework or a collection of kitchen items like mixers and cookbooks that rarely if ever get used.

While Jo’s new book can’t exactly give you more counter space or add more square footage to your kitchen, it can give the illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it actually is.

What’s the secret?

Only keep the essentials on your counter. We’re talking about things you use every single day. Like, a coffee pot, utensils, perhaps a cutting board and your favorite spices. If you don’t use it literally every day, it doesn’t need to be on your counter.

Your kitchen will look and feel much bigger once you de-clutter your counters and other surfaces. It’ll give you room to breath.

You can add an organized effect by using a go-to cutting board as a place to set the spices you use on a daily basis. Now you’ll have even more counter space!

While we can’t tell you where to put everything else that’s currently on your counter, we’re sure you can find a cabinet or drawer that will work. It’s worth it for the illusion of space.

For more tips from Chip and Joanna Gaines, check out the video below.

What kitchen items do you use every day? What’s on your kitchen counter right now?