15 People Share Kitchen Nightmares


Ah, the Holidays!


We know it’s “the most wonderful time of the year,” but it’s also the one time of the year when everyone thinks they’re a master chef. From primary cooks to take-out kings, most folks will find themselves in a kitchen at some point in this holiday season, confused, disoriented, and probably covered in flour!

Anticipating the hilarity that will ensue, late night TV show host Jimmy Fallon tweeted this call-to-action for holiday horror stories:



Let’s check out some of the best responses!


  1. Im-pasta-ble!

    Jimmy starts the conversation with his own example of a sticky situation in the kitchen.

    My friend once threw the pasta against the wall to see if it was done, but it was too high up to reach. Five years later and it’s still on the wall. #CookingFail- @jimmyfallon

  2. 3 Out of 4 Ain’t Bad…

    But this time it is VERY bad!

    I once made my “world famous” lasagna for a group of friends of mine. My recipe uses like 4 different types of cheeses. 3 out of the 4 were correct, but I accidentally got the 4th one wrong. It was a really stinky cheese, and so my lasagna smelled like a butt. #CookingFail – @BobbyLWesson

  3. Spitting Images

    My adult child was showing how you spit on someone but pull the spit back in. He spit in the cornbread. – @Shirlannrn

    This is NOT what people mean when they say you’re the spitting image of your parent! Are we sure this “adult child” is really an “adult”?

  4. Not So “Kool” After All

    Forgot I was cooking bacon and tried to put out the fire with kool aid. Who knew flaming bacon fat could fly and stick to cabinets. – @lauli82210626

    Tbh, I’m not sure why this would be anyone’s instinct. Was it the pure Kool-Aid powder or already in a pitcher? I have so many questions.

  5. Blast Potatoes

    The time we had crunchy potato salad because my SIL didn’t know that the potatoes were supposed to be boiled first #cookingfail – @Tschocklin

    Puttin’ your SIL on blast was NOT the assignment, but this is so funny, I’ll give it a pass.

  6. Deleted Cookies?

    This one just couldn’t be shared without the visual… I have no words to describe this kitchen fail.

  7. Close Enough?

    My dad once started making spaghetti before he realized he was out of pasta sauce. He thought he could mix salsa and ketchup as a substitute. #cookingfail – @nick_cul

    Tomatoes, onions, spices – I see what you were going for but I am NOT eating it.

  8. Completely Appropriate Amount of Garlic

    In college we invited some boys over for dinner and made lasagna – but we didn’t know the difference between garlic CLOVE & garlic BULB and proceeded to use 3 bulbs of garlic. Not a lot of kissing took place after dinner. #cookingfail- @Wendyhelg

    Seriously, I don’t see a problem with this.

  9. Wild Guess

    When I was younger, I wanted to make a fruit salad for the family. I didn’t know what the white stuff was that Mom used so I took a guess…mayonnaise. Turns out, the white stuff was Cool Whip. #CookingFail – @carlflynn

    Honestly, this isn’t too far off… could be the origin story of the incredibly controversial Waldorf salad!

  10. Common Error

    Thought wax paper and parchment paper were the same product. Gingerbread men on fire! #CookingFail – @Shannymcb1

    Who among us hasn’t made this hilarious, if dangerous, mistake?

  11. Curiosity Killed the… Turkey?

    One Thanksgiving, my daughter came into the kitchen & said “what’s this for” as she pushed the oven’s self-clean button. The oven locked. Heat automatically went up to 500 degrees for 3 hours. The turkey was a pile of ashes & my sister had to get a new oven. #CookingFail – @RobinStur

    Well, that’s one clever way to get out of ever being invited again!

  12. Foul Fowl

    On the brightside, at least this calamitous cook is funny! I could NOT have come up with a better hashtag!

    That time when I went to make chicken parmigiana… I put the chicken in the microwave to defrost and ended up eating something else. I then went away for a long weekend only to come home to the stench of days old raw chicken in the microwave #FoulFowl #CookingFail- @AmyGallatin

  13. It’s Not Delivery! It’s (a Fire Hazard!)

    As a high-schooler I put a DiGiorno pizza in the oven while it was still on its cardboard plate. Turns out the fire department won’t also deliver pizza. #CookingFail- @BradKorpalski

    The best part is that DiGiorno responded, simply Tweeting a disapproving:


  14. So Sweet!

    My wife decided to try to make a chicken pot pie. Her sister told her to get a ready made pie crust from the store. She purchased a graham cracker crust instead. I tried to be nice and eat it, but I just couldn’t. #CookingFail – @racun3

    Aww, that’s so sweet! The pie crust, I mean.

  15. Wrong Tools for the Job

    And last, but so certainly not least, this terrible tool mix-up:

    I had just finished making the best cheese burger ever, spatula wouldn’t lift it out of the frying pan, it was then I noticed I had accidentally grabbed a (used) flyswatter instead of the spatula – @MarkMGeller


We hope you got a little chuckle out of some of these epic cooking fails! Do you have any “kitchen nightmares” to share? Any of these that you can relate to? Let us know!