Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter Jessica Wins Silver Medal in Olympic Debut

Gordon Dionne via Flickr

When you hear the name Bruce Springsteen, you probably think of his music, but the singer is also a dad. Get ready for his daughter to become a household name. Jessica Springsteen has just accomplished something her dad will never accomplish. She has an Olympic silver medal.

At 29 years old, Springsteen made her Olympic debut at the Tokyo Olympics. She competed as part of the United States show jumping team. Along with the rest of the Olympic show jumping team, Springsteen took home a silver medal. The team came in second place behind Sweden.

Back in 2019, Springsteen told CNN that part of her success is due to her relationship with horses. She explained, “I think the chemistry between you and your horse can vary from ride to ride.” She added, “Some horses you get on immediately with and you pick right away and others it can take a little bit longer and be a bit of a struggle. But I think you have to be patient and it has to be a mutual give and take between the horse.”

She explained that finding a horse you connect with makes a huge difference. She said, “I think you feel comfortable and you feel like every time you get in the ring you can have a good result.” She continued, “It’s amazing, a special bond.”

Springsteen recommends that anyone who wants to compete in her sport stays “patient” and “focused.” Basically, don’t give up. She said, “Just keep at it.”

That focus and perseverance seems to have paid off making her an Olympic silver medalist.