Throwback to Final Jeopardy Upset

Justin M.

Jeopardy has seemed to be a pretty hot topic in the last year or so. With big wins, upsets, and of course, losing our long-running and highly respected host to illness, and trying to replace the irreplaceable… It feels like all we’ve all been able to talk about for some time.

In light of yet more “Jeopardy chat,” re: decisions being made about up and coming hosts, we’ve taken a moment to look back on one a handful of the most memorable rounds of Final Jeopardy ever.

This one is my personal favorite, because it’s such a BIG “oops!” moment in which the “go big or go home” crowd both went big AND had to go home. Hah! Just wait until you see what answers the overly confident players came up with!

So check this out and keep in mind that this… isn’t really how Final Jeopardy is supposed to work, but man oh man, is it ever good television!


Talk about the pride coming before the fall! Because of the absolutely outrageous wagering in this final round, it somehow turned out that the second-place contestant was slated to take home MORE winnings than the winner. Yep. Read that again. More. Winnings. Than. The. Winner. That’s certainly something to write home about, no?


What are your thoughts on this? Would you have been that confident in your answer? Have you ever “gone big AND gone home”? Do you prefer to play it safe when you’re ahead? Let us know!