This Throwback Jeopardy! Game Ended In a 3-Way Tie


All of the “Jeopardy!” buzz nowadays is about who is or is not hosting the show, but for many, many years, there was no question who was hosting the show. It was Alex Trebek. Even decades ago, he was the show’s host, and even just in one short video, it’s easy to see why he was so loved and is so hard to replace.

Trebek had a way of showing compassion and making contestants feel at ease even during disappointing circumstances. For example, imagine playing “Jeopardy!” so well that you’re in the lead only to end up losing everything during Final Jeopardy. That’s just what happened during an old throwback episode we found of the popular game show. Not only that, but all three contestants on the show ended up losing everything during that final question.

If you watch “Jeopardy!” very often, you know that the host gives the answer and the contestant has to give the correct question for that answer. In this case, the Final Jeopardy answer was: “Calendar date with which the 20th century began.”

Maybe you think you know the correct question for this answer. So did the contestants. All of the contestants were so confident that they wagered everything on Final Jeopardy. All of the contestants also gave the incorrect response.

Watch the video below to find out the correct question for the answer “calendar date with which the 20th century began.”

We’re sure it didn’t necessarily help the contestant that was in the lead feel much better to know that he was not alone in responding incorrectly, but perhaps it helped to lose in a three way tie instead of being the only one to lose everything.

We noticed that Trebek seemed genuinely kind and sympathetic about the disappointing ending to the show. He seemed almost apologetic when he revealed the correct response. We’re pretty sure the contestants will never forget the correct question.

Did you get the question correct? We didn’t. We probably would’ve lost everything too.