‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Were Stunned After James Holzhauer Took A Shot At Currently Champ Matt Amodio

@James_Holzhauer via Twitter

If you’re a “Jeopardy!” fan, you know that Matt Amodio is on a winning streak. After winning the popular game show 23 days in a row, he is in 3rd place for highest winnings and number of consecutive games won. So far he has earned a total of $825,801.

James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings are the only contestants who have earned more and won more consecutive games than Amodio. Holzhauer is in first place and Jennings in second place.

While many fans are routing for Amodio to keep winning, Holzhauer took a shot at him on Twitter. He posted side by side pictures of himself and Amodio on day 23 of their respective winning streaks with the total amount won displayed on the screen. He captioned the picture, “When you order something online vs. when it arrives.”

Amodio not only saw the tweet but responded to it in his own clever way writing, “I thought these memes were supposed to have the more attractive person on the left.”

Amodio wasn’t done yet. He retweeted Holzhauer’s tweet and wrote, “Must be nice having time to throw shade on Twitter. Us #Jeopardy champions with 0 career losses have actual work to do.”

Many Jeopardy! fans are appalled at Holzhauer’s tweet and are calling him out on it.

Do you think Holzhauer’s tweet was out of line? Are you routing for Amodio to keep winning? Do you think he will end up beating Holzhauer’s record?