‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Outraged At Show’s Decision to Have Dr. Oz As Guest Host


When longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek passed away from his battle with pancreatic cancer, we knew no one could truly take his place, even if the show gained another host.

Former champion Ken Jennings proved to be a wonderful interim host before the current host of Mike Richards would take over.

Additionally, the show has begun to have a few special guest hosts on the show, including journalist Katie Couric, Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

While these special guests went over well, when the latest one was announced who’d host for the next two weeks, fans lost their marbles: The newest guest host will be Dr. Oz.

Check out the announcement here:

“I’ll take, what were you thinking Jeopardy? for $100,” someone stated in response to the announcement.

“Have watched Jeopardy all my life. Will not be watching for the next 2 weeks. Dr. Oz downplayed the Covid-19 situation. Completely irresponsible. Shame on you,” another person retorted.

“So disappointed that show went this way,” someone else said, adding that it was thee ”First week [she] have skipped [the show] in 40+ years.” “I have been watching Jeopardy since forever,” someone else posted. “Now you bring on the king of pseudoscience and misinformation as a host? This is almost enough to put me in my grave so I can spin along with Alex Trebek. Why replace your evidence-based audience with Dr. Oz’s?”

Another former fan even began a #BoycottJeopardy hashtag in response to Dr. Oz temporarily hosting, stating the following: “I can’t watch Oz the quack. How could @Jeopardy allow a bottom feeder to tarnish our show? Stupid move. #BoycottJeopardy”

Yikes. What do you think—did Jeopardy! make a bad move or will you still watch Dr. Oz as a guest host?