‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Getting Really Annoyed Over Champion’s Habit

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If you have ever watched the game show “Jeopardy!” you probably know that the answers work a little bit differently than most shows. On this particular show, the host actually reads the answer, and the contestant is supposed to answer with the question. For example, if the host reads the clue, “‘Jeopardy!’ fans are annoyed at this current contestant and ‘Jeopardy!’ champion,” the answer would be, “Who is Matt Amodio.”

Did you see what we did there? We answered with a question, and since the answer was a person’s name, we started the answer with the word “who.” Although Amodio is on a 6-game winning streak with “Jeopardy!”, he has overlooked this detail. Many fans of the show are really annoyed that he starts every single answer by saying, “What’s.” It doesn’t matter if the answer is a person. He will still say “what’s” instead of “who.”

Amodio first became “Jeopardy!” champion when Robin Roberts was guest hosting the show. Since then, LeVar Burton has been guest hosting the show, and Amodio is still winning.

Here is an example of what fans are annoyed about. In response to a clue about a particular author, Amodio answered by saying “What’s Updike” instead of “Who is John Updike.”

That brings us to another thing that’s annoying fans. He is abbreviating his responses. In the John Updike example he said “Updike” instead of “John Updike.” See for yourself in the video below.

In celebration of Amodio’s 5-day winning streak, “Jeopardy!” shared an interview with the champion on Instagram. In response to a question about what emotions he is feeling, he responded, “Happiness, stress, happiness, stress, happiness, stress in that order.” 


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The criticism from “Jeopardy!” fans probably isn’t helping with the stress.

“Jeopardy!” shared a celebratory tweet congratulating Amodio on his winning streak, and Amodio responded, “I have no words to describe how incredible this has been… thank you, #Jeopardy for making all this possible!”

The responses to Amodio’s gratitude were mixed. Some fans made fun of him and called for him to leave the show. Meanwhile, other fans of the show are standing up for him.

Does it annoy you that Matt Amodio answers every question with “what’s”? Do you think answers should be counted correct even if the phrasing isn’t perfect and the answer is abbreviated?