Jennifer Lopez Uses Powerful MTV Award Acceptance Speech To Thank Her Haters

Jennifer Lopez is definitely a household name. She has proven that she can hold her own as both a singer and an actress. Her career has been long and steady, and she’s nowhere near done. In fact, at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, she said, “I’m just getting started.”

Usually during acceptance speeches, the winners go through a list of people they would like to thank. They thank family members, co-workers, people who inspired them and friends who were with them through it all. They sometimes have a list written out on a piece of paper, and they quickly read through all the names. Other times, they have memorized what they want to say, and sometimes they wing it.

Lopez gave a rather unusual acceptance speech at the most recent awards show she attended, the MTV Movie and TV Awards. Lopez won the Generation Award which is given to an actor who has become a household name due to their success on TV and film. 

During her acceptance speech, Lopez didn’t name names. She didn’t specifically say the names of the people she wanted to thank, yet she did thank a few people you would expect, like her children, but instead of saying she’s like to thank Ben Affleck, for example, she thanked “love.”

Besides keeping the terminology of her thank you’s on the vague side, she also thanked some rather unusual people and circumstances. She thanked people who didn’t believe in her. She thanked people who weren’t there for her. She thanked the haters.

Watch the video below to hear part of Lopez’s unusual and emotional acceptance speech for yourself.

Some of Lopez’s film roles include the title character in the biopic “Selena,” 2019’s “Huster’s” and most recently, the romantic comedy, “Marry Me.”

What do you think of Lopez’s awards speech? Have you ever felt motivated to accomplish something because of feedback from people who didn’t believe in you?