Jennifer Aniston’s Christmas Ornament Sparked Some Controversy Over the Holidays

The year 2020 was not easy for any of us, and even though we made it through the year, not a whole lot has changed. The pandemic is still upon us, and we are all coping in different ways.

While we have all gone through the pandemic together, our experiences have been vastly different. Some people lost loved ones due to COVID-19. Other people simply found quarantining and being told to wear a face mask annoying and inconvenient.

We also all have different ways of coping with the pandemic. For example, some people cope with wine while other people cope with humor.

Some of us would like to put the pandemic behind us and try to forget that it ever happened, but other people are commemorating it in quirky ways. For example, Jennifer Aniston posted a picture on her Instagram stories of a Christmas ornament that reads “Our First Pandemic 2020,” and the response from her fans has been quite mixed. Watch the video below for more details.

The ornament was created by Etsy seller Rustic Raleigh, and it sells for $5. It’s interesting that people are criticizing Aniston so much for posting a picture of the ornament instead of criticizing people who actually create these ornaments.

Reviews of the ornament on the Rustic Raleigh shop praise how “cute” and “relevant” it is. It seems that Aniston is far from the only one who gets the joke and is coping with the pandemic in a humorous way. One customer wrote, “This is the cutest Christmas ornament!!!! Absolutely love! Gave one as a gift (kept the 2nd for myself) & it was a hit. Very relevant to 2020 in a fun, lighthearted way, which I know I could use right now!”

However, some Twitter users definitely think Aniston (and most likely anyone who makes or owns an ornament like this) is out of line. For example, does this ornament imply that we’re going to have another pandemic? We shudder at the thought.

Do you think this ornament is offensive? Do you own any “cute” ornaments about the pandemic? How would you react if a friend gave you an ornament like this as a gift?