Jennifer Aniston Just Made a Joke About Brad Pitt Divorce In Recent Interview


The very last episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” aired last week. She had three guests on her show – Jennifer Aniston, Billie Eilish and P!nk.

Jennifer Aniston was the very first guest DeGeneres ever had on her show, so it was only fitting that she would stop by for the final episode as well. The two friends chatted about a lot of things including the end of the show that made Aniston famous, “Friends.”

Since it was the last episode of DeGeneres’ long running talk show, she decided to ask Aniston how she dealt with the ending of the long running sit-com “Friends.” After thinking about it for a couple seconds and laughing about it to herself, Aniston joked about how she handled the end of “Friends.” What she had to say was both funny and true, but it wasn’t actually intended as real advice for DeGeneres to follow in her footsteps. The audience roared with laughter at her honesty and sense of humor while DeGeneres clapped and nodded.

One of things that happened shortly after the ending of “Friends” is that Aniston and Brad Pitt got divorced. Aniston included this bit of information as she joked about the ending of “Friends.” Watch the video below to hear what Aniston had to say about how she handled the ending of the famous sit-com including how she included her divorce with Pitt as part of the joke.

Does it surprise you that Aniston has stayed on good terms with her exes? Does it surprise you that she would joke about her divorce with Pitt? What do you think DeGeneres should do now that her talk show is over? Do you think she will take Aniston’s advice and go back to stand-up, or do you think she will do something else?