Jennifer Aniston Reveals That She Will Not Be Attending The Emmys This Year Because of the Pandemic

Many people are living like the pandemic is over, or living at least as close to pre-pandemic as possible. Many people are going about their daily lives in a fairly normal way, even though they might be wearing a face mask or keeping more distance between themselves and others than they would have previously.

Jennifer Aniston has chosen to be especially cautious during the pandemic. She recently went on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and she told Jimmy Kimmel that she has been spending a whole lot of time at home throughout the pandemic, and that hasn’t stopped yet. She has a circle of friends who she visits, and she goes to work, but that’s about it.

Kimmel is one of the friends who Aniston has been spending time with in her bubble of friends, so he knew that having her on the show was a huge step for the actress.

Kimmel brought up the fact that the Friends Reunion had been nominated for an Emmy. Actually, it was nominated for 4 Emmy awards. He asked Aniston if she planned to attend the Emmys this year. Her answer was “no.”

Aniston pointed out that the nominations were for the show and not for her specifically. She was pretty sure one of the producers would accept the award if the show were to win.

As mentioned earlier, Aniston has been cautious about Covid from the beginning, and she was not about to stop being cautious just to attend an awards show. She explained, “This is a big step for me, to just be here.” She was talking specifically about being on Kimmel’s show. She added, “I’m just, baby steps.”

You can watch Aniston’s entire interview in the video below.

Does it surprise you that Aniston is choosing not to attend the Emmys because of Covid? Do you think that’s the right decision?