Jenna Bush Hager Reacts to the Portrait Her Dad Painted of Her

hodaandjenna via Instagram

Since leaving the White House, former President George W. Bush has discovered a love for painting. When he’s not spoiling his grandkids or streaming detective shows, he’s often working on his artwork.

Recently, Bush spoke to PEOPLE magazine about his art and admitted that he has not had the best success when it comes to painting members of his family. The painting of his wife, Laura Bush, was so bad that it’s hidden in a closet. He explained, “After I changed it four different times — I don’t like this expression or that expression — I finally said, ‘I’m through.'”

Just because the former first lady doesn’t like the picture her husband painted of her doesn’t mean that she’s not a fan of his artwork. In fact, she likes some of his paintings so much that they are hanging up in the couple’s home. She explained, “I have lots of favorites, some that I’ve hung downstairs. Water lilies. And of course I love the portraits of our pets.”

After failing at painting his wife, Bush tried to paint another family member, his daughter, Jenna Bush Hager. Once again, the subject of his painting ended up not being a fan of the end result. Watch the video below to see Hager’s reaction to the portrait her dad painted of her.

Hager told PEOPLE, “I tend to be critical of myself, but also critical of the way somebody else sees me. So he painted me and it was okay. I just feel like I guess I have to start doing Botox, because he uses so much texture that my forehead looked really wrinkly.”

Although Hager doesn’t like the way she looks in the portrait, there is one thing about it that she likes and that she likes in all of her dad’s painting. “I think what is beautiful is that he captures the essence of people, and I do look very joyful.”

On Instagram, many followers have commented that the picture is beautiful even though it doesn’t look exactly like her. One comment reads, “It depicts your spirit exactly and that’s what he sees. I don’t think paintings are suppose to be like photographs.”

Another person wrote, “Appreciate it, one day he will be gone and you’ll have a portrait of how he sees you through his eyes. It’s beautiful.”

What do you think of Hager’s portrait? Have you ever had anyone paint your picture?