You Can Buy A Jacket With A Heater Built In, And It Has Hundreds Of 5-Star Reviews On Amazon


Summer and fall seem to be the seasons that get all of the love. Sure, you can go to the beach in the summer and pick apples in the fall, but there’s a lot of awesome things about the winter season, too.

Besides all the joyous holidays in winter, there are so many things you can do outside. Skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, you name it and there’s a winter sport for it.

Okay, so we admit it. There is one major downfall to winter. Even though it’s a season that offers up some super fun activities, we have to be real: The snow is cold! And if you’re someone who can’t stand being cold, being outside in wintry weather can totally ruin your fun. If only there was a way to do all of these snow activities while still staying warm.

What if we told you there was? That you could be outside all winter long, doing all of those fun wintry activities we just talked about, but still stay cozy warm?

Well believe it or not, you can! And it’s all thanks to an innovative heated jacket, created by Ororo. That’s right—a jacket that can heat up, keeping you toasty even in the frigid temps.

The secret to the jacket is its carbon fiber heating elements that are able to generate heat. Heat is produced across various core body areas such as your chest and mid-back, so freezing in the snow can be something of history.


Image of Ororo heated jacket”Amazon”

The jacket has three heating settings (high, medium, and low) that you can adjust with with just the touch of a button. The jacket “pre-heats” almost instantly, and continues to heat up until it meets the perfect comfortable temperature inside. The heat will last up to 10 hours before it needs to be charged again, so you can be outside all day and not worry about frostbite.

The jacket is perfectly comfortable, with a soft shell fabric exterior and fleece lining. For convenience, the hood is detachable, but chances are you’ll want it on chilly mornings or as extra protection on windy days. The jacket has a slim-fit design, so you truly feel all the heat that comes about. And it’s water and wind resistant, which is important when it comes to snowy weather.

Even if you’re not someone who’s always cold, we bet you know someone who is. And this might be the perfect gift for them.

The jacket, which comes in both men and women’s style, available on Amazon, making a comfy winter even more in reach. The cost is $139.99, which beats the price of a subscription to any hot yoga class (which won’t keep you warm the second you walk outside the way this jacket does).

You can purchase the jacket, and read its hundreds of positive reviews, here.

If you’re still not convinced, take it from these reviewers, who tested out the jackets and give their honest review. Check it out in the video below!

Are you always cold, or know someone who is? Is this jacket something you’d like to try this winter?