15 People Share the Items, Brands, Stores and Restaurants That They Are Absolutely Done With

Sometimes you might try a cheap product or a restaurant that’s in your town—conveniences are truly the light of life. However, many times, you may get what you pay for and have a truly terrible experience. Never again!

Just take it from these people, who have some pretty gross stories to tell about the items, brands, stores and restaurants that they’re just “done” with. They shared their stories on a recent Reddit post, and we’re gagging as we read this (won’t you join us?).

  1. Spirit Airlines

    “The one time my family has flown Spirit there was a crushed taco salad in the pull-down desk, and the whole plane smelled vaguely like baby powder.”

  2. Target Tampons

    “I’ll skip the details. If you know, you know.”

  3. Dollar Tree Shredded Cheese

    “Just. Don’t. Please don’t be like me and try it.”

  4. Subway Cookies

    “When we broke a chocolate chip cookie in half, a long strand of hair came out from inside one of the chocolate chips.”

  5. Greyhound Bus

    “If you’ve got no other option, buckle up, it’s going to get weird.”

  6. Angel Soft Toilet Paper

    “It might as well be called ‘Sh*tty Fingers.”

  7. Temptations Cat Treats

    “There’s something in those things that turn cats into absolute junkies.”

  8. Home Advisor

    “I’d swear it is just advertisements with fake reviews. I got a horrible contractor for a kitchen through them, it took over a year. They had 4.8 stars and hundreds of reviews on HA. The lost their BBB status in the process, I had to get the state to threaten their license, just to get them to finish.”

  9. American Buffets

    “Ryan’s, Golden Corral, Old Country Buffet, etc…I worked at one. Trust me. Do not.”

  10. Skullcandy Headphones

    “Bought a pair once, they broke, got them replaced, they broke, got them replaced, they broke, gave up. Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary with them, I’d pull them apart a bit to place them over my head and SNAP, two pieces…”

  11. Door Dash

    “When 50% of my orders never made it to me, and one of the drivers cusses me out for having the audacity to ask for my food, they go on the never again list.”

  12. Long Horn Steak House

    “All but two people in our party (of 15 people) got horrid food poisoning. Mine was so bad that I threw out my back from vomiting and retching, and couldn’t take pain medicine without throwing it up. So I couldn’t sleep because of having intense stomach and back pain that lasted a week.”

  13. Victoria’s Secret

    “Overpriced for meh quality.”

  14. AT&T

    “Their customer service rep told me, and I quote “I can get my manager on the line if you like. They can’t do anything about your problem either, but they can make you feel better about it.”

  15. Haribo Sugar-free Gummy Bears

    “You know why.”

What are we missing from the list that you’d add?