15 Actual Italians Who Trolled “Italian” Dishes Cooked By Americans

@ItalianComments via Twitter

Sometimes we daydream about traveling to Italy just to enjoy the food. Why? Because it’s amazing! America’s version of pizza and pasta hardly ever compares to the authentic dishes prepared in Italy.

If you have Italian friends, perhaps you have heard them complain about the American version of Italian food. They aren’t wrong that it’s not the same. You know that take out pizza you love so much? That’s not what pizza is like in Italy.

Some Italians foodies are so upset by American versions of the food from their homeland that they actually post pictures of it and complain about it on Twitter. There’s a Twitter account called @ItalianComments, and it’s specifically for “Italians mad at food.”

Scroll down for examples of some of the Americanized “Italian” dishes true Italians are furious about.