Israeli Server Impressively Carries 31 Plates At the Same Time

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When we’re eating at a restaurant, it’s not uncommon to see a waiter carrying multiple plates at once. Often there are several plates on a large tray that the waiter or waitress then sets down on a stand for the tray before setting each plate on the table.

Being able to carry a large tray of food requires a certain degree of strength and balance. That’s why you will occasionally hear a crash in the kitchen.

Often waiters carry multiple plates when they are clearing a table after everyone is done eating. They may stack the empty plates on a tray or carrying them stacked on their arm. Either way, more than once, we’ve found ourselves wondering how they were going to carry so many plates at once.

If there were a competition for which waiter or waitress could carry the most plates at one time without dropping them, one Israeli server would be the clear winner. He carried so many plates at the same time that he could barely see over them.

In a video of this impressive feat, the server is in the kitchen when the chefs are handing him plates full of food. That’s right. These are not empty plates after restaurant patrons are done eating. These plates are full of carefully prepared food.

When the video starts, the server is already holding quite a few plates, definitely more than the average server could safely carry without dropping them, but he’s not nearly done yet. We watched, amazed, as the chefs continued to hand him more and more plates to add to the stack he was balancing on his arm.

The plates were arranged in an intricate pattern so the food wouldn’t get smooshed, and so the server could balance all of them. He seems to know exactly what he’s doing and seems very confident.

After all 31 plates are added to the stack on his arm, the server carefully lifts all of the plates and walks out of the kitchen into the dining room.

Note that each plate weighed approximately 4 and a half pounds. The entire stack weighed over 136 pounds. Like we said, this takes balance and strength.

Watch this amazing server carry 31 plates in the video below.


How many plates have you carried at the same time? Are you surprised that this serves didn’t drop any of the plates?