Is Your Dog Dumb Or Smart? Courtney Cox Does A Test On Hers To Find Out

courteneycoxofficial via Instagram

There are a lot of internet challenges that circulate on social media. Some of them are dangerous. Some of them are silly. Some of them are fun.

One fun challenge that has been going around has to do with a simple test that supposedly lets a dog owner know if if their dog is smart or stupid. The challenge is easy for pretty much anyone to do and works with any size dog; although, it’s a little bit of a challenge for owners of bigger dogs.

The challenge involves holding your dog in your arms with their back to you and walking with them towards a wall. If your dog smushes into the wall without trying to stop themselves from hitting the wall, your dog is supposedly stupid. If you dog holds out his or her paws to stop themselves from hitting the wall, that supposedly means that your dog is smart.

Actress Courtney Cox decided to try this challenge on her dogs to see if they’re smart or not. She was pretty confident that they would both prove that they are smart. In her Instagram video of the challenge, she explained, “I’m obsessed with my dogs, and I’m pretty sure they’re both really smart.”

Watch the video below to find out if Cox was correct in her assumption that her dogs would prove they were smart.


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Cox’s followers loved her video, and some even defended Lily, the dog that proved she’s stupid according to this test. One comment reads, “In lily’s defense I will say she probably feels safe when you’re holding her so she doesn’t feel like she needs any protection.”

One viewer joked, “I have 2 dogs and I already know which one who hit their head.”

If you enjoyed watching Cox’s video, there’s a lot more where that came from. Watch the video below to see other people try this challenge on their dogs. Some pass. Some fail. Some owners struggle to hold their giant dogs. It’s hilarious.

Do you own a dog? If so, have you tried this challenge with your dog?