17 Times Interior Designers Just Didn’t Think Things Through

Henry Franks, aprilcotz

If you hire an interior designer, you probably expect the end result to be professional, beautiful, and functional. We all want our homes to be aesthetically pleasing. We want to walk in the door and feel like we’re glad to be home not annoyed by certain less than ideal interior design decisions.

Sometimes interior designers get it wrong. Or, in some cases, maybe people assume they know what they’re doing when the end result ends up becoming a complete nightmare in terms of style and function. For example, we are definitely not jumping on the open concept bathroom trend.

If your home has a few things you wish you could improve, you’re not alone. Especially after spending so much time at home this past year during COVID-19 lockdowns, we have had plenty of time to notice things we would like to change.

To make you feel a little bit better about your own home, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest interior design fails we have ever seen. Seriously. What were these people thinking? We are so thankful that our home doesn’t have problems as glaring as these homes. Hopefully you can say the same.

  1. How Would This Even Be Comfortable?

    Imagine the scrubber you’d need for that bad boy from r/ATBGE

  2. Well, It’s Different

    New kitchen style from r/ATBGE

  3. They Were Determined to Make That Fridge Fit

    Yup, the fridge fit boss. from r/NotMyJob

  4. How Do You Stand Under This Shower?

  5. Are You Supposed to Jump Over This Beam or Crawl Under It?

  6. Why Would Anyone Decide to Put the Toilet Up So High?

  7. It Looks Like a ’50s Diner

    All it needs is a juke box and a soda fountain from r/ATBGE

  8. There Is Such a Thing as Too Much of a Good Thing

    Who says crown molding is overdone? from r/ATBGE

  9. Surely the Fridge Could’ve Gone Somewhere Else, Anywhere Else

    Middle class fridge. Lower class aesthetic. from r/mildlyinfuriating

  10. Quite an Awkward Kitchen Setup

  11. We Have So Many Questions about Why This Window Exists

  12. A Doorless Bathroom You See From the Front Door

  13. What Is the Deal with That Sink?

  14. Can’t Say We Get the Idea of Carpet in a Bathroom

    You guys hate carpet in the bathroom? I can one up that. My parents have a bathroom with carpet that goes up the bathtub walls! Bonus points for the terrible wallpaper. from r/mildlyinfuriating

  15. It Looks Dangerous at Best

  16. It Would Be Almost Impossible to Cook in This Kitchen


  17. Blinds Instead of a Shower Curtain