Woman Wants to Know If She’s the Jerk for Insulting Boyfriend’s Masculinity When He Wouldn’t Buy Her Feminine Pads

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Deciding to move into together can be a huge part of a relationship. You suddenly learn all of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s quirks—their bedtime routine, their cleaning habits, exactly what they look like first thing in the morning…

You might even start to share more items than you normally would’ve living apart, like kitchen items or groceries. In fact, you might even text each other a list of things to buy next time one is at the store—and it might not be something you’re very used to purchasing.

In a recent Reddit post, one woman wanted to see if she was the jerk for calling out her now live-in boyfriend after he refused to pick up something for her at the drugstore. That something was pads.

“I (23f) moved in with my boyfriend (24m) of two years a couple months ago,” the woman explained in her post. “We haven’t had any problems before this argument. Things had been going pretty well.”

“Anyways, a couple days ago, I got my period,” she explained. “It came early and I had ran out of pads. I couldn’t leave to buy some because I bleed pretty heavily and I would’ve bled through my pants. So I asked my boyfriend if he could buy pads for me from the drugstore, because it was late. He immediately said no. I was shocked because I wasn’t really expecting that.”

Um, rude! Any woman knows a menstrual monstrosity when she sees one—but this male, who clearly had no experience with periods, just couldn’t deal.

When the woman asked him why he wouldn’t get the pads, he told her that he couldn’t bear to be seen by the cashier with such a horrid item. After trying to reason with him—explaining that the cashier won’t care and if it’s that big of a deal to him, he can just go to the self-checkout line—he still wouldn’t do her the favor.

“I told him that he was childish, and that his masculinity was really fragile if he couldn’t even buy pads for his own girlfriend,” she said. “He got mad and went out.”

At the end of the post, she asked if she took it too far, or if her boyfriend was the jerk in the situation.

So what’s the verdict? Drumroll please…

It’s unanimous. Redditors say he’s the jerk!

“Slight embarrassment? He has no reason to be embarrassed other than for his stupid behavior. If anything, people would more likely be proud of him for doing it unlike many others thinking they’re too much of a man to buy hygiene products for women,” someone commented.

“Your boyfriend sounds immature, insecure, like a transphobe, and like he can’t endure slight embarrassment to help you out. Gross,” someone else told her.

Even men had something to say about it: “Seriously, who cares. I buy products for my wife all the time. Never once stopped to care. If it’s fine for you to stock your dick in there, it’s fine for you to buy sanitary products. Grow up.”

What do you think about this male who refused to buy his girlfriend pads?